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About Us

Science Jewelry offers an opportunity for our community to engage themselves with our human body, explore outer space, and discover historical times! Here at Science Jewelry, we want to give you the chance to step away from the hectic real world, and step into your imagination! 

At Science Jewelry, we understand how crazy, stressful, and tough life can be at times! We also understand a need to get away from it all! That being said, we WELCOME YOU with open arms to join our Science Jewelry community and explore all that our unique collection has to offer! 

Our collection offers pieces of dinosaurs, planets, human body parts, and more! We look to acquire the best quality products and services for our community, along with offering our Science Jewelry community a chance to learn from our site with fun facts, products, and more! 

Today, the world thrives off what the next big thing is. This could be top trending, viral videos, big money breaks, new inventions, new technologies, hot selling clothing, stock news, nicer cars, bigger houses, higher likes on social media and so on! However, no one ever seems to want to talk about or look back on our world history, what humans are made from and for, and what’s really beyond Earth itself! All we can hope for is a better society on Mars at this point haha! 

Here at Science Jewelry, we look to provide a wide variety of products and information for those who appreciate, and relate with our solar system, historical times, and the human body! 

Our goal is to provide an amazing experience, and give you the chance to learn something new from our sites descriptions! Our quality, unique products, great prices, and top dollar customer service is what creates smiles! 😃

Join our community, be yourself, and tell a friend about us! Share yourself wearing/using your pieces with us! Seriously! Help others out, and show them it’s okay to show off our unique style here at Science Jewelry! We would love to see our customers happy faces with their chosen pieces! Send them in! 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even suggestions for any new pieces to add to our collection, feel free to email us at:

Thank you for letting us share a little bit of what Science Jewelry is all about! 

“The Future of humanity and indeed all life on Earth depends on Us!”

Do good, be good! 


The Science Jewelry Team

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